Welcome to the Pákozd Military Memorial Park!

The Military Memorial Park is designed to raise a monument to the Hungarian soldiers who has defended their motherland since 1848 to-date having regarded to the contemporary laws of Hungary, acted honestly and according to his oath, and even sacrificed their lives while executing their duties.

The Memorial Park offers four permanent exhibitions:

1, Exhibition in Commemoration of the Pákozd – Sukoró Battle in 1848
2, „136 Years” - The life of the Hungarian soldier performing mandatory military service
3, Memorial Points of the 20th Century Wars (Barrack and trench)
4, „Missions” – Hungarians in Peacekeeping.

We also usually have a temporary exhibition with various themes.

Exhibitions can be visited with a joint ticket (bar-code wrist strap) which is available at the Visitors’ Centre (New Building)!


Prices (per person):

Minors under school-age (3-6 years) HUF 500
Students, pensioners, teachers (with identity card) HUF 800
Groups of students, pensioners, teachers (20 persons or more) HUF 700 / student (entry for one teacher per 20 students is free)
Adults HUF 1300
Adult groups (20 persons or more: 20% discount) HUF 1000
Family ticket (adult and 1 or more children) HUF 800
Grandparent with grandchildren (entry for the grandparent is free) HUF 800 / child
Exhibition guide in english (10 persons or more) HUF 300 / person


1. Visitors arriving by car: When passing through the entrance gate you will reach the bar. Press the button on the ticket terminal to receive your ticket announcing the date and time of arrival, it will also open the bar. The ticket will indicate the prices as follows:

Cars staying longer than 10 minutes in the Park are subject to parking fee according to the parking ticket.

The following parking rates apply:

Cars: HUF 200 /
per hour
Buses (more than 9 persons): HUF 500 /
per hour

Parking is free for disabled persons (certificate is required) in the assigned parking spots.

2. Access to the Memorial Park is free for walking visitors and cyclists.

3. Only pedestrian traffic is allowed in the Park. Cyclists are requested to use the bicycle paths!
We do not accept liability of any kind for unattended, non-locked bicycles!

4. Visitors of the Memorial Park are requested to follow the guidance of the staff and comply with the regulations.

5. Only the disabled visitors and the wardens are allowed to use motor cycle in the Park.

6. A number of dangerous objects are placed in the Military Park, the related signes call for the attention to these objects. The Management of the Military Park does not assume liability of any kind for damages caused by non-compliance with the related safety rules.

7. Visitors are requested to eat and drink only at the designated places of the Park or in the Museum Buffet.

8. Ladies’ and Men’s Rooms are available in Visitors' Centre, which can be used with the Museum tickets or with a Walking ticket (HUF 250/person).


Enjoy Yourself and have a good time in the Military Memorial Park!

The Staff of the Military Memorial Park Nonprofit Ltd.